What People Are Saying

Saim Afzal

I appreciate all the help the Academy gave me in High School. The skills I learned at Academy will help me to work through University.

Maaz Nasir

Mr.Asim assisted me in understanding math concepts with clarity and provides more one on one help.

Aleesha Khan Parents

Assalam alikum. Aleesha got her result today. For a 10% test she got 100% For 20% the final exam she got 98% Overall is 93%. She got the Highest percentage is her class. Alhamdullilallah

Chelsea Bob

 I have been with Mr.Asim for 3 years now. He is really great teacher, especially in mathematics and physical science classes. I am currently taking Grade 12 Advanced Functions with him and it is great. The prices are good and Mr.Asim is very flexible.

Haider Bajwa

 Very good teachers, currently taking physics as a credit course at this academy. Mr Asim teaches better than all science teacher at my school!

Mitali Guruji

I took Grade 12 Physics, Advanced Functions, and Calculus/Vectors after-school tutoring with Mr. Latif for about two years. The quality of his teaching and the different tools and help that he provides are amazing. I have made great progress with his help, and it has helped me become more confident in my work. I absolutely recommend Ontario Learners’ Academy!